Data & Analytics

Our Data Analysis and Integration team aligns digital marketing analytics with your performance objectives, offering transparency and clarity on the impact of marketing activities that contribute to meaningful results.

We help create a Unified Brand Experience

We invest time in comprehending your business objectives, customer requirements, and available data.
Utilizing these insights, we craft robust, data-driven analyses and solutions to drive informed decision-making and enhance overall performance.

Digital Ad Spend Growth

Predicted 15% increase in digital advertising spending in India for 2023-24, reflecting the continued shift towards online platforms.

Mobile Marketing Dominance

Anticipated 20% rise in mobile marketing influence, showcasing the growing significance of mobile devices in consumer engagement.

Social Media Impact

Expected 25% surge in social media-driven conversions, highlighting the pivotal role platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter play in marketing strategies.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Projected 30% uptick in businesses leveraging data analytics for marketing decisions, emphasizing the increasing reliance on data-driven insights in the industry.

We assist in shaping a Cohesive Brand Journey

Our specialists invest time comprehending your business objectives, customer requirements, and available data. Using these insights, we craft robust, data-driven analyses and solutions to drive informed decision-making and enhance overall performance.

Data Analytics & Insights

Enhance your grasp of customers and marketing effectiveness with forecasting, comprehensive funnel exploration, and analyses of campaign impact.

Dashboard Development

Our dashboards present easily understandable visualizations of marketing performance, organized according to your preferred metrics hierarchy.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Boost conversion rates and reduce customer acquisition costs by enhancing testing programs.

User Experience (UX)

Enhance website and landing page UX by integrating design best practices, analyzing page engagement data, conducting competitive assessments, and performing user testing.

Front End Development

Turn conceptual website designs into tangible reality with smooth UX and innovative, data-driven web development solutions.

Ad Operations

Incorporate new or existing marketing platforms. Develop, execute, and quality-check site tags and data integrations to proactively adapt to changes in the media landscape.

Fueling brand expansion demands concentration, alignment, and a substantial focus on data.

Our data and analytics services embody the most comprehensive strategies in the digital marketing realm. This empowers our agency partners to attain the most significant results from their diligent marketing endeavors.

Revolutionize measurement with transformative data analysis. Elevate your insights, optimize strategies, and drive impactful results. Our expertise empowers your brand’s journey in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

Our insight solutions address precise marketing needs for growth, covering SEO incrementality, full-funnel optimization, and target setting to maximize your investment in data and analytics.


Your go-to data
analytics agency.

The digital marketing and measurement scene is always in flux, and the resulting changes can often cause disturbances. Modern consumers are increasingly worried about how companies collect and utilize their data, impacting data privacy regulations and altering the permissions of web browsers and phones.

Even if your brand utilizes only a handful of marketing channels, having a versatile marketing measurement solution is essential to adapt to the shifting landscape. Our DAI team crafts customized measurement solutions that integrate the most effective digital marketing analytics techniques of both today and tomorrow.
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